PDC Nordic & Baltic Swedish Tour 2018

Madars Razma reached quarterfinal on Saturday and semifinal on Sunday in the PDC Nordic & Baltic ranking tournaments in Gothenburg, Sweden. But he didn’t qualify for any the PDC European Tour events this weekend.

In the PDC Dutch Darts Championship Qualifiers on Friday Madars Razma beat 6:2 Finnish Ulf Ceder (1st round), 6:3 Swedish Jonas Fredriksson (Quarter-final), 6:5 Lithuanian Mindaugas Barauskas (Semi-final), but lost 3:6 against Lithuanian Darius Labanauskas in the final game to qualify for another PDC European Tour event this year.

In the PDC International Darts Open  Qualifiers on Friday Madars Razma beat 6:3 Danish Per Laursen (preliminary round), but lost 3:6 against Swedish Magnus Caris (1st round).

In the PDC Nordic & Baltic event #7 on Saturday Madars Razma beat 6:0 Swedish Johan Furuskog (1st round), 6:3 Swedish Ricky Nauman (2nd round), but lost 4:6 against Lithuanian Darius Labanauskas (Quarter-final).

In the PDC European Darts Trophy Qualifiers on Saturday Madars Razma beat 6:4 Swedish Mauri Tuutijärvi (1st round), 6:4 Swedish Johan Engstrom (Quarter-final), but lost 4:6 against Finnish Kim Viljanen.

In the PDC Nordic & Baltic event #8 on Sunday Madars Razma beat 6:3 Danish Nicolai Rasmussen (1st round), 6:2 Lithuanian Mindaugas Barauskas (2nd round), 6:4 Swedish Daniel Larsson (Quarter-final), but lost 4:6 against Finnish Marko Kantele (Semi-final).